Liquid Ice


High Potency Liniment

Highly Effective in temporary relief of:


Mentholex Liquid Ice has been formulated with the purest essential oils, conforming to USP [United States Pharmacopeia] and FCC [Food Chemical Codex]. FCC is a compendium of internationally recognized standards for purity and identity of food ingredients. Published since 1966, FCC allows manufacturers of food, food ingredients, food additives, and processing aids to comply with standards that have been created and vetted by a highly rigorous and transparent scientific process.

As part of our research we use suppliers that use green ethical practices, are transparent when divulging information about their products and use green renewable sources employing farmed herbs wherever  possible.

We favor products that are 100% naturally derived from renewable sources, physically purified by water or clean energy.

Mentholex Liquid Ice is a topical application, Using FCC raw material shows our dedication to using the highest purity grade essential oils available.

– No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).
– No artificial colors, oils or scents.
– No animal testing. No chemicals. No preservatives.


Eucalyptus Oil FCC 50 %

Methyl Salicylate  (Natural)  35%

Menthol FCC 10%

Lavender Oil  FCC 5%

Made In U.S.A.

                        Mentholex Liquid Ice is the Registered Trade Mark of Mentholex Research

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