Liquid Ice

DSC_2695Mentholex Research

Our family owned company has been involved in the food and health industry since the 1960’s.

Intensive research and care is put into every product we create.

Mentholex Liquid Ice has been a culmination of years of research for natural and topical remedy for Colds, Flu, Muscle Aches, Sinus Congestion and related symptoms.

Mentholex Liquid Ice is an exceptional ally for a multitude of respiratory ailments. Owing to the fact that we use only the best USP approved FCC (Food grade) ingredients, We are confident that our product is unparalleled in the Health & Supplement Industry.

Its refreshing fragrance and uncompromised effectiveness, has made Mentholex Liquid Ice an extraordinarily quick seller in all the stores that carry it.

We are proud to present Mentholex Liquid Ice, and invite you to try it and experience rejuvenation for the daily endeavors of life.